We welcome you to get your hands dirty during our planting and harvest season (early March through late November). Volunteers work at one of two locations: our flower farm on the 200 block of Manistique and Ashland, or our home and office where our hoop house is at 313 Newport.

It's late February and we're already planting seedlings in the hoop house and germinating different types of plants. This season we're landscaping four new lots with natives and a host of flowers to be used for cut flowers. We're also getting geared up to work with several other Detroit community-based groups who want us to integrate our Detroit Abloom land-use model into their green space projects. So there's always interesting things to do and interesting people to meet.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. We will be delighted to share with you what we have learned about horticulture. And we are always open to what we can learn from you. If you would like to volunteer, please Contact Us before your visit so we know to expect you.

We would love to work with your school, church, work or other community organization. Those with special needs and children are always welcome at our projects, as long as they're accompanied by responsible adults. If your group would like to volunteer at Detroit Abloom on a Saturday or any other time during the week, please Contact Us.

For all suburbanites, please do not hesitate to get to know us because we're located in Detroit. Although we're all expected to practice safety precautions practically anywhere we go in today's world, we're proud that our Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood is one of the safest areas of Detroit. Tom has lived here for 30 years, Nancy for six and both they and all of their friends and volunteers over the years have never had a problem. Actually, it's quite the opposite. We've made many friends in this community and because people generally appreciate that you've come to help improve the neighborhood, you will usually get a very warm welcome.

We are currently looking for any tools and equipment related to horticulture and food production: everything from canning jars, pickling crocks, dehydrators and metal shelving, to garden tools and wheelbarrows.

We would like to start growing more peonies. If you have a bed of peonies that need dividing and would like to give us some, we would gladly help you divide them. We would also be glad to barter dahlia tubers/plants for peonies or cuttings from old-fashioned rose bushes.

Last Fall we started a campaign to raise $35,000 to build an underground root cellar where our hoop house was installed at the end of December. The root cellar is designed to overwinter thousands of dahlia tubers and the hoop house enables us to grow plants under controlled conditions.

We had our first fund-raising event on Oct 1st at The Hoop House, which was very successful. We had a great time with the people that attended, the weather was perfect and hundreds of dahlias were in full bloom, the vegetarian food was superb, the music was wonderful and we raised $5,300 to put towards completing the root cellar.

If anyone would still like to donate, as of February 20 we still need $1,800 to purchase and install a dumbwaiter and around $1,400 for shelving units.

Your gift will enable Detroit Abloom to continue providing local flowers at affordable prices and allow us to continue beautifying our community by transforming vacant blighted land into beautiful and product landscapes. Please make checks payable to The Garden Detroit and mail to 313 Newport, Detroit, Michigan 48215.

To make a secure tax deductible online donation, please click below.

Link to Fundraising Letter

We hire interns on a seasonal, as-needed basis. Additionally, we offer college credit through some colleges for certain courses.

We will gladly sign off on any community service hours for time you spend at The Garden Detroit.