Welcome to our new native plant nursery. We’re very excited to share our love for native plants and others that support our declining populations of pollinators and wildlife. Our plant stock includes annuals, but mostly perennials We start most of our plants from seed purchased from sustainable seed sources. We also buy some plants in the form of plugs and bare roots from sustainable sources. 

What determines whether a plant is native or not is a controversial subject that we have followed for years. After much research and contemplation, we’ve decided to grow mainly plants that have evolved in Michigan and in neighboring states. We still grow and plant our other favorites, including some that are not specifically native to this hemisphere, whether naturalized or introduced. There are many plants that although non-native, also provide food and shelter for local pollinators. All you have to do is observe the pollinator activity to see which plants are most sought after. Before our focus on cut flower farming, we grew mostly vegetables for a good six years. During that time we were always on the lookout for interesting native plants to place in clusters among our vegetable crops, for their beauty and to attract pollinators, because we felt it is the right thing to do. Before long, we noticed an increase in the numbers and different kinds of pollinators and our crops seemed to become increasingly healthier. Then we began to make insectary plantings (groupings of plants that attract pollinators and provide habitat) to attract a wider variety of beneficial insects that eventually played a big role in controlling the unwanted insects.

And then, when we met Piet Oudolf, the well-known Dutch natural landscape gardener who designed a major garden on Belle isle that will be made this season, we began to develop a deeper appreciation of just how beautiful natural pollinator-friendly landscapes can be. Over the past year we have learned how to grow a number of additional natives that were new to us. The results have been remarkable! The phrase, “build it and they will come,” can be applied to our experience with witnessing the amazing numbers of pollinators that frequent our native plant gardens. The native/pollinator-friendly plants we grow are not invasive and they grow well in many soil types. And most are drought tolerant, once they’re established.

If you are interested in purchasing pollinator-friendly plants, our 2019 list and order form are posted below. Or you can visit our online store and pre-order plants to make sure that you reserve the plants you would like. We do not mail live plants; all plants must be picked up in person. We currently have two plant pick up dates - June 1st and 8th, 9 am to 2 pm. Location - 313 Newport, at our hoophouse!

2019 Detroit Abloom Native and Pollinator Plant Offerings

2019 Detroit Abloom Plant Order Form